What is Setting the Record Straight about?

Setting the Record Straight is a section focused on correcting the lies and misinformation put out by our opponent and special interest groups opposing Mark. Want further information? Make sure to send us a message by heading to our contact section!

The Truth on Mark's Campaign Contributions

Ingrid attacks where Mark gets his financial support for his campaigns. 

  • Special interest lobbying groups have written bigger checks to support Ingrid this session, than any other candidate in Washington, even if you include Statewide races like the Governor’s office.

  • What happened when a local newspaper reporter asked Mark if he would disavow special interest money in this election? Mark immediately said yes, as long as Ingrid did the same. Anderson said she had no interest in doing that. 

  • The facts are that Mark has had more donations from real people in this campaign than Ingrid.

  •  Special interest groups have written $275,000 in checks to support Ingrid and distort Mark’s record because they are frustrated that Mark is not a rubber stamp for all of their bill proposals in Olympia.  

The Truth on Governor Inslee's campaign endorsement of Ingrid

Governor Inslee pressured Mark to support the Governor's Carbon Tax Bill, Initiative 1631 

  • Mark informed the Governor that he was in Olympia to represent the residents of the 5th Legislative District, who were not supporting the Governor's bill. 

  • Despite unrelenting pressure from the Governor, Mark refused to support the bill. 

  • When Governor's Inslee Carbon Tax initiative went to the voters in our district, they rejected it overwhelmingly, 58% to 42%

  • Mark will go to Olympia to represent voters in the 5th Legislative District, Ingrid will go to Olympia to support the Governor's personal policy agenda. 

The Truth on Wage Discrimination

Ingrid states that Mark voted against addressing wage discrimination for women in the workplace. 

  • Mark voted for the equal pay for equal work bill in the Senate because, as the father of four daughters, this issue was important to him. Ingrid knows Mark voted for the Equal Pay bill. This was HB 1506, and it passed during the 2018 Legislative session. 

  • HB 1696 that Ingrid mentions on her website dealt with a follow-up change to the Equal Pay bill from 2018 that Mark supported.   This bill made it illegal for small business owners to ask people in a job interview what they were making at their previous employer. As a small business owner himself, Mark could fully appreciate why small business owners across the state were nervous about not being allowed to discuss an employee's previous compensation during the interview process. 

The Truth on Fossil Fuels

Ingrid claims Mark always sides with the fossil fuel industry over the 5th Legislative District (Seattle Times article on Sep 1st, 2020)  

  • Mark played a critical role in the passage of SB 5993, which shifted the cost of cleaning up toxic sites across our state to the oil industry.   This bill was adamantly opposed by every member of the fossil fuel industry.

  • Mark supported SB 5116, the 100% clean energy bill in the 2019 session, the most important piece of environmental legislation passed in the last decade.

  • Mark does not let campaign support influence his policy votes in Olympia.   This is the exact reason the special interest lobbyist supporting higher taxes want to replace Mark with Ingrid, because they know that supporting Mark's campaign will not change his view on unnecessary tax increases

The Truth on Boeing

Ingrid claims Mark voted to extend the massive Boeing tax breaks to all manufacturers.  

  • Mark firmly believes that we will lose the manufacturing sector in our State if we don’t find a way to compete with other states for these jobs. 

  • Our constitution prevents us from giving out money to try and lure manufacturing jobs. Our only policy choice is to make sure the tax burden on our current manufacturing sector is as low as possible so they stay around.  

  • Mark does not want our state to only be for tech workers, he wants to make sure we have good manufacturing jobs too. So the people who aren’t computer programmers also can earn a decent living. Mark will always fight for jobs for the residents of his district and all Washingtonians

The Truth on the State Operating Budget

Ingrid states Mark voted against the State’s operating budget in 2019.  

  • Mark voted for the budgets and the bills from 2013 to 2017 that lowered class sizes and gave our public school teachers the largest pay increase of their careers (over a 35% pay increase in a five year time span). 

  • When Mark was elected in 2013 the States operating budget was $34 billion. Mark voted for the Senate version of the budget in 2019 which spent $52 billion.  When negotiations with the House pushed this budget up to $53 billion, Mark voted no because our State simply could not afford that level of spending. The bi-partisan Senate version which Mark supported was already a substantial spending increase from previous years.

  • Every one of the programs mentioned on Ingrid’s website (special education dollars, school safety dollars, mental health dollars, etc) was funded in the Senate version of the budget at $52 billion. 

    • What Ingrid fails to mention in her website is the unnecessary spending increases that led to the $53 billion budget that Mark voted against.  

The Truth on HB 1155

Ingrid states Mark voted to strip meal and rest breaks from nurses.

  •  Mark voted for HB 1155, the bill that provides meal and rest breaks for nurses. 

  •  You often have 30 different amendments on a bill as it moves through the legislative process, but it is how you vote on final passage of the bill that counts, and Ingrid knows that Mark voted yes for this bill.

  •  Ingrid is trying to confuse voters by talking about amendments as opposed to the final bill. 

The Truth on Penalties for Drunk Drivers

Ingrid states Mark voted against a bill to increase penalties on drunk drivers. 

  • Mark has made a clear and consistent efforts to not support bills that send more people to prison. 

  • Mark works on the state construction budget every year, and the only way we can avoid having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on building a new prison is to quit expanding prison sentences. 

    • Mark feels it would be a shame to cut the construction budget for the UW and WSU because we have to build a new prison. Going forward, Mark plans to follow this same path.  

  • We need less people in prison, not more.

The Truth on I-1000

Ingrid claims that Mark was voting against affirmative action and improved protections for veterans (I-1000).   

  • Mark was not voting against the policy in the bill, but voting against the legislature not letting the people of Washington vote on this initiative, as is the case with all initiatives.   

  • The Chinese-American community in our State was upset that the legislature was trying to prevent the people from voting on this initiative.

  • Mark has always supported our State’s initiative process and thinks that all initiatives should be voted on by the people, not the Legislature. If you want the Legislature to vote, you run a bill. If you want the people to vote you run an initiative.  

The Truth on SB 5135

Ingrid states Mark voted against a bill to prevent toxic chemicals from damaging the environment. 

  •  Every legislative session Mark has voted for bills that ban chemicals that we have discovered are harmful to our residents and our environment. 

  •  SB 5135 gave a state agency the same power that has previously only been held by the legislature, which is to ban chemicals that are harmful to our residents.   

  • Mark voted for HB 2658 that banned the use of perfluorianteds chemicals in food packaging. 

  • Mark has never supported any bill that hands over powers that have been held only by the Legislature and gives them to a state agency. State agency directors don’t have to answer to the voters.  

The Truth on Bank Taxes

Ingrid says Mark was against a tax on banks that doubled their taxation rate.   

  • Mark chairs the finance committee in the Senate. Even though Mark sells pizza and ice cream for a living and is not a lawyer, he knows that a tax that only impacts banks outside of our State is a violation of the commerce clause. 

    • Imagine if Oregon passed a tax that only applied to sales by Costco in Oregon, but not their own local grocery stores. 

  • Balancing your budget on a tax that is a violation of our federal constitution is never a good plan, because it will get overturned in court and you will receive no tax revenue. 

  •  In the spring of this year, a superior court judge made this exact decision. Declaring our tax on out-of-state banks unconstitutional, and the judge immediately ordered the State to quit collecting this tax, adding a bigger hole to our pandemic budget crisis.  

The Truth on HB 1087

Ingrid states Mark voted against Washington’s landmark long-term care law supporting seniors (HB 1087). 

  • Mark voted against this bill because it was the first payroll tax in the history of our State. It would be a tax on every single person who works in Washington regardless of their income. It is over a billion dollars a year in new taxes that starts in January of 2022.  

  • If you work in Washington your whole life and pay this tax for 40 years, but then end up retiring in a different State, you are made ineligible for any benefits from this program.

  • The non-partisan analysis of this bill showed that even though every Washington resident will pay this tax, the majority of Washington residents will not receive any benefits from this tax.

  • Our current support of home healthcare for seniors is matched by the Federal government, so the State does not pick up the entire bill. This bill does not receive any federal matching dollars. 

  • The most important vote to seniors in the 2019 session was the vote around increasing local property taxes, and mark supported the seniors in his community by voting against this proposal. 

The Truth on Mark's Seattle Times Op-Ed addressing Teacher's Unions

Ingrid says Mark was trashing teacher’s unions when he wrote an Op-Ed for the Seattle Times.   

  • If you read the Op-Ed Mark was not trashing unions, what Mark said is that we have been able to provide a 35% pay increase for our teachers in the last five years, but schools are now having to lay off school support staff like nurses and librarians.   

  • Going forward, Mark believes local levy dollars should be focused on hiring mental health counselors, nurses, and librarians. 

  • The State has finally stepped up to meet its Paramount Duty and is paying our teachers fairly. Mark feels that local levy dollars, going forward, need to support adding the local staff that we know will improve outcomes for our kids.