Mark Mullet is proud to represent the 5th Legislative District communities of Black Diamond, Maple Valley, Issaquah, North Bend, Carnation, Snoqualmie, and parts of Enumclaw and Renton.


First elected to the Senate in 2012, Mark chairs several different committees in Olympia.   The first is the Senate Financial Institutions, Economic Development & Trade Committee. This committee is focused on making sure we have an efficient banking and insurance system in our state to support business growth.


The second is the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. This committee is focused on doing audits of various government programs to make sure we eliminate programs that aren’t working and support the programs that are being effective.

The third is the LEAP committee, which is responsible for the infrastructure that enables staff in Olympia to create budgets for all three budget committees (Transportation, Operating, and Capital).  


Mark is also the Senate representative on the Washington State Investment Board, which is responsible for managing the $130 billion of pension assets for the State of Washington.  

On top of the committees where Mark serves as chair, he is also the longest serving member in the Senate on the Education committee, and a member of the Ways and Means committee.  One of Mark’s key roles on the Ways and Means committee is being part of the team that negotiates the Capital budget.


All of these roles enable Mark to utilize his skills and experience as both a small business owner and a former Managing Director at Bank of America.  Having six kids in public school also gives Mark the record in Olympia among elected officials for having the most kids in our public school system.  


In recent years, Mark secured funding to keep construction of a new interchange at S.R. 18 and I-90 on schedule to finish by 2023 and to begin the design process to make S.R. 18 four lanes all the way to Issaquah-Hobart Road. He also continued to champion infrastructure investments across the community, delivering funds to open the new Tahoma High School in Maple Valley High School, to continue improving Lake Sammamish State Park, to rebuild Black Diamond Elementary School and to improve the trailhead for Tiger Mountain's High Point Trail.


Mark further sponsored and passed a nearly $400 million property tax cut, lowering Washington homeowners' 2019 property tax bill to offset the large tax increase passed in 2017 to fund K-12 education. In 2018, his SB 6087 allowed Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) account holders to share in investment gains, returning over $300m to Washington families so they could help send their kids to college.   Mark has also passed a series of bills to make sure that high school students who pass AP tests or IB exams receive college credit at our public universities.


Other recent accomplishments include bills making it easier for consumers to report credit card fraud or theft, improving how Washington regulates its financial service sector, and eliminating fees to freeze or unfreeze credit reports.


Previously, he successfully championed legislation increasing access to epi pens in schools, allowing annexation of the Maple Valley Donut Hole and improving health care transparency, financial literacy and employees' ability to save for retirement.  Mark is proud to have worked across the aisle to have bi-partisan support for all of his bills.  


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