Dear Neighbor,

Mullet-104-199x300I ran for the State Senate to make a positive contribution in the lives of other people.  My background as owner of the Zeeks Pizza and the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream store in Issaquah have taught me what government policies help and hurt small business owners.  My background on the Issaquah City Council has taught me how to protect our environment while creating a thriving business community (the two are not mutually exclusive).  My background in International Finance has taught me what Washington State must do to compete successfully on a global scale.

There is no better place to make a positive contribution in the lives of other people than getting involved in local politics.  Many of the problems facing America will not be solved by people in Washington D.C., but rather by individual states that are bold enough to find a better way to do things.  Washington can be the state that finds a better way to educate our children, a better way to manage healthcare costs, and a better way to invest in roads and transit.

The goal is to create a vibrant economy that provides jobs for the residents of Washington State.  When you invest properly in education and transportation it is exactly that, an investment, because you lay the groundwork for increased economic activity in the future.

I am excited to listen and learn from you over the next several months. Let’s bring a straightforward commitment to results to the State Senate.

Mark Mullet